An Overview About Waterborne Disease: Transmission, Cause & Its Prevention

The disease which occurred due to the drinking of contaminated or polluted water is known as waterborne disease. A waterborne disease such as Typhoid, Cholera, Hepatitis A, Polio, etc. is fatal (if it is not treated correctly or in case of late or slow treatment) & causes the large number of death each year among the whole world.

According to the WHO report each year waterborne disease causes more than 3 million death among the entire world and in India the number of lives lost due to waterborne illness is about more than 3000. Accordingly, the drinking water quality is the matter of significant concern.

Water pollution is known as the primary source of waterborne diseases, and water pollution is caused by both nature and human activity, but the human contribution is comparatively very high in water pollution. Water is a natural or universal solvent which may dissolve almost each & everything in it, and this property of water makes it’s polluted or prone for the water pollution.

Consumption of polluted water not only cause waterborne sickness in you but also makes your immune system weaker which can be the matter of significant concern. The use of contaminated water is very much hazardous for that person whose immune system is not adequately developed or weak such as child and old aged person. Hence the chance of getting the waterborne disease is very high in child or old age person.

How Do waterborne Diseases Transmit?

Various agent or factors spread waterborne diseases out of all some common vectors of the waterborne diseases are listed below:

  • Consumption of contaminated or unfiltered water

  • ¬†Due to the use of raw food or uncovered food

  • Excretion in the open

  • By the files

Some Common Causes of Waterborne Diseases

The waterborne disease may occur due to the consumption of water which contains both chemical and micro-organism, but the primary cause of these kinds of infections is pathogens, i.e., micro-organisms. Below I have list of some micro-organisms or agent which contributes to the waterborne diseases:-

  1. Bacteria

  2. Protozoa

  3. Virus

  4. Algae

Death Caused By Waterborne Diseases In India In Recent Year

According to the government data only four types of waterborne sickness, namely, Typhoid, Cholera, Diarrhoea, and Viral Hepatitis, cause more than 10000 death (10738) from 2012-2017 in India and out of all the leading killer among four is Diarrhoea i.e., out of total (10738) more than 60% of death is caused by this disease only.

How We Can Prevent Waterborne Diseases

It is said that prevention is better than cure so it is good to way to avoid any kinds of illness and now you are familiar with the waterborne diseases, and its harmful impact on your body thus you should know some preventive points to avoid various types of waterborne diseases. Here are some prevention tips for waterborne diseases:

  1. Use boiled water for the consumption

  2. Install a water purification system for the removal of impurities or contaminants present in your regular used water

  3. Wash your hand correctly and cuts or clean your fingernail regularly

  4. Avoid eating of roadside or uncovered Food & Juice

  5. Avoid consumption of the uncooked food

  6. Properly wash your water container or Jar regularly

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