Blink XT Home Security Camera Reviews 2019


  • Small size but HD display
  • Good battery timing
  • Use for both indoor and outdoor
  • Weatherproof


  • No movement at all
  • Fixed at one place

Everyone needs security for their home, for the car and even for themselves. Agree? The problem is everyone can’t afford the best security systems. Some people want to install it but do not find the best one. To buy a low quality camera at a very cheap price doesn’t secure your home or anything which you want to keep away from robbers.

Here we introduce the one of the best Home Security Camera for both, indoor and outdoor. According to its features and price, it is the best and affordable security system that you can easily install in your home.

We are discussing about Blink XT Home security camera. One of the easiest installation security system. You will get surprised when you will see its features and performance at day and night time too. This will provide you the security at any time and in any weather. Further when you know its properties so you will not think more about whether to buy it or not if you really need a home protector.

Along with its features and properties we also discuss its drawbacks which I didn’t see that much that’s why it is recommended for you.

Design of Blink XT Home Security Camera

Its total dimension is 71mm*34mm*71 mm. Blink XT home security camera has the square shape with curved corners. It is available in two colors white and black.

A whole body of the camera is covered with the waterproof casing as it is also used for the outdoors too. So it is protected from the rain.

A motion detector sensor is installed in the middle of the camera. Above it, a 720p HD resolution camera is fixed. On the right of the camera, there is a blue light is placed which shows the camera status.

On the left side of the camera’s lens, a microphone is installed that records all the sounds of its surrounding.

You will listen a live sound using the app provided by the manufacturer which name is Blink.

For a recharging purpose, a USB port is installed which is also used as power. A cap covers the port from the water. If it is used as a power, the camera is no more waterproof.

Performance of Blink XT home security Camera

Camera Resolution:

A 720px HD resolution camera is installed in blink XT. You can show the display or monitoring on your smartphone. It displays up to 1080p full HD resolution. The camera sends 30 frames per second. The camera covers the angle up to 110 degrees in diagonal.

Voice Detector:

A high frequency microphone is installed for all type of voice detection. It records all the voices surrounding in the camera. You can also listen to live sounds using smart application.

Motion Detector:

A high sensing passive infrared (PIR ) sensor is installed to detect all type of motions at night and day time. If there is unusual motion happens, it alerts you using the app on your smartphone.

Night Vision:

A night vision technology is installed for the dark time. In every situation, the camera provides you the protection as doesn’t matter for the blink TX that it is raining, low light, strange persons and their motions detection.

Wireless Technology:

WIFI technology is installed. you can watch live streaming on your cell phone using WiFi. Both your phone and the camera are connected to it. It doesn’t matter you both are connected with the same network. You can see live monitoring anywhere and in any place even in another city. It uses normal Wifi network support which is public or private not a peer to peer network. In peer to peer, you both have to connect with same networks. You have to set up its wireless setting using the laptop or PC. A USB port is installed in it through which you will connect with the PC or laptop.

Smart Application:

A smartphone application is provided by the blink home security (manufacturer) which can be supported by both Android and IOs. The following features of the app for example, it alerts when an unusual activity happen, for live streaming or monitoring, you can zoom the image using it and much more.


Although this cam has the very interesting features as explained in detail above but the thing which may give you a bad feeling and that is, it is a rechargeable camera you have to recharge it all the time when it needs charging. The second option provides by the Blink home security is that you can use a USB port to provide it a power continuously.

Verdict about Blink XT Home security camera

The best home security camera for indoor and outdoor. According to its features, it is one of the affordable security system. An easy installation. It uses low power. It will provide you live streaming at anywhere and any place. You must have an internet connection while you want to watch what is happening at inside and outside of your home.

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