Factors to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitors come in different varieties and all possess some unique features, which attract users. They vary in performance, display, size and price. Few years back 4k gaming monitors have introduced to the market, which succeeded in attaining gamer attention up to greater extent. As they provide next level experience of gaming and are most suitable for all sort of games. Although they were expensive in the initial days but now budget friendly are also available.

It is difficult for majority of population to select best gaming monitor. So before going to market it is better to have some knowledge about them. On top of that your choice should be such which can be    afford easily and also outstanding in performance. As priority of every gamer is different but some common factors that you should keep in mind in the selection of a gaming monitor are as follows.


The most important thing in the monitor is the resolution offered by it. Resolution means pixel count and is offered by monitors in different ranges like 1080p (Full HD), 1440p (QHD) and 2160p (4k). So the higher resolution the better will be display quality and more clear will be the picture. Thus the monitor which offer 4k resolution will be the best to buy.

But one other factor that you should know is that for higher resolution your hardware should be also accordingly. As normal hardware can support only 30 FPS which is not enough for 4k resolution thus to go above it you should have latest GPUs. In such a way your display will be immersive and your gaming experience will be amazing.

 Refresh Rate

After resolution, the other key factor that really need attention is refresh rate of a monitor. It is measured in Hz and is defined as how many time image is refreshed by monitor in a second. Also it tells about the frames displayed by the monitor in one second. Gaming monitors can have different refresh rates like 60 Hz, 144 Hz and 240 Hz.

As result is the best in case of higher refresh rate but again for that you need outrageous system which can push the required number of frames per second. So instead of deciding on the basis of refresh rate only you should also consider your graphic card which can support the game at higher refresh rate.

Adaptive SynC

If you do not want any screen scratch then better give full attention to this factor. It will give you tear free screen and display will remain undistorted. As modern gaming monitors already possess this technology therefore choose such monitor which has either Free SynC or G-SynC technology.

Free SynC and G-Sync work properly with AMD and Nvidia graphics cards respectively. The result is the best in case of G-SynC but Nvidia graphics cards are a bit more expensive then AMD cards.

Panel Technology

In modern days gaming monitors two types of panel are used by the manufacturer that is TN panel and IPS panel. Both these panel types have its own advantages and disadvantages. One thing you should know that both expensive and budget friendly monitors have used both types of panel so budget do not play any role here. Advantage of IPS panel is that it offers great viewing angle and amazing color accuracy. On the other hand TN panel support faster response time.

Response Time

It is defined as the frequency of a pixel essential to shift from black to white. Response time is measured in milliseconds and the lower it will be the smoother will be the motions. So for gaming the monitor with low response time is the best to choose. On top of that If you are playing head to head combat games then low response time monitor will surely make you the winner.

Screen Size

Screen size is entirely up to you how much size will please you the most choose accordingly. Different sizes monitors are available but most common are in the range of 21 inches to 27 inches as they offer well balanced seeable accuracy and are extremely comfortable in viewing. You should know that if screen size is greater than 27 inch then you have to sit a bit more distant from the monitor to get acceptable display. In addition, if lower than you will not be able to enjoy the blessings of higher resolution.


One other factor, which needs attention while selecting a gaming monitor, is the secondary connectivity options offered by it. Ports possess by most of the monitors are display port, HDMI port, audio jack and USB port. Specially keep an eye on USB port because some monitors lack it and some have only single port for it. So the monitor with multiple connectivity options is the best to spend money on.


Selecting a product is not that easy, as it seems. You need to have a lot of knowledge to get the right product. We have researched and made a list of the above factors, which will surely help you in selecting the right product. I hope now it’s time for you to decide, what do you need?

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