Yes, we are always open for both paid & non paid Guest posts and here we have listed our some terms and conditions for write for us program.

Guest Post Program

Some business organization or website always looking for new methods to build brand or product awareness, generate inbound links and want to generate large number of traffic on their website. For those organizations, Radtechprogram sponsored guest post program is just the ticket. All the paid guest posts (follow our guideline) will remain on the website for almost forever.

But submission of any sponsored guest post that is essentially garbage will not publish on our website and it is completely waste of our time and of yours. Thus Instead of submitting garbage submit quality work that matches the content and tone that is found on the website already.


  • Your content should be new/fresh and unique
  • Content length should be 800-1000 words minimum

Radtechprogram offer only one free no-follow backlink. Backlinks which supports the content are allowed. (For Ex: Wikipedia links, Survey links etc)

For more detail inquiries, you can send an e-mail to our e-mail address enquirywriteforus@gmail.com

Note: Grammatically incorrect and duplicate content aren’t acceptable.