Tollywood Youth Icons & Their Style Statements

Films and Fashion always go hand in hand. The more fashionable the film personalities look on the silver screen, the more their influence is on the common people, the audience, and the fans. The fashion industry is a prominent place where new trends take over the market now and then. The fashion industry certainly needs influences who are always there to keep the followers updated with the latest and trending collections that could define a style statement for the individuals.

Films are the most significant medium for the audience to get influenced and we have five trending youth icons of Tollywood who we think are the perfect influences in the field with their style statements, the best example is from Super Star Mahesh Babu Styles, his styles are regarded as Prince by his fans and a Super Star to the Telugu Film Industry.

From the film Mukunda to the last one Fun & Frustration, Varun Tej is always the trending youth icon in Tollywood. There were a huge hype that took place around the debut of Varun Tej. Since the debut film, Varun tried different styles of costumes from casual happy-go-lucky-guy costumes and soldier costumes to a mass boy, a lover boy and finally a guy next door. All these leave a big mark on the audience and he certainly made a statement of his own.

Akhil Akkneni’s debut has always been a big discussion in the Telugu film industry. Considering his popularity and the charm that he created with Sisindri when he was a small kid, there was a huge hype around Akhil’s debut too.

Though all the three films of Akhil bombed at the box-office, his style statement was heard perfectly by the fans. From being a guy next door to a proper lover boy in his last film, Akhil tried most of the costumes that the youth will usually get connected to. Hence, Akhil’s style statement is simple and clear.

Akkineni heroes always live in the discussions for the style statements they make. From ANR to the recent hero Akhil, all the heroes from this family have done something different and unique in terms of presenting themselves, fashion-wise. Naga Chaitanya will stand out from all of them because his style statement kept changing from time to time with the changes happening in the fashion industry.

Considering the wide range of roles he played on the screen, he experimented with different kinds of costumes and he also got connected well with the youth. With his simple style in his last film Majili, Chaitu made his style statement clear yet again.

Mega Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej is one of the heroes who enjoy a craze in spite of hattrick failures. Sai Dharam is the only hero who never stepped back in making his style statement bold. From a normal young guy to someone is more perfect of his choices, Sai Dharam tested his luck with multiple costumes.

The way Sai presented himself is surely a statement in itself. Coming from a family that also has a stylish star, Sai Dharam is successful in making a separate name for himself for the fashion trends that he usually likes.

Super Star Mahesh Babu, the undisputed king of the box-office is a superstar in making his style statements too. Being a superstar, people expect him to flaunt his wealth in some lavish costumes, but Mahesh Babu’s dressing style is completely different from the same.

The way he grooms himself is simple, stunning and impressive. He always wears simple outfits off the screen and goes as per the character requirements, on the screen. Considering his huge fan base, he always tries to make a simple and effective statement without going overboard. He proves there as a superstar and the perfect youth icon.

Not just him, there are a lot of other heroes in the film industry who come up with exciting style statements that will shake the fashion industry for a while. With fashion styles and tastes keeps changing from day to day, it is the responsibility of these youth icons to transfer the new trends into the market, and their choice also represents a taste and a statement that the fans always look up to.

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