What Is An ACL Injury

ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament which is a major ligament present in your knee. Common causes for ACL injuries are sports that call for stops, change in direction and jumps, like basketball, football, volleyball, skiing, and gymnastics. Symptoms include shooting pain accompanied by a loud popping sound, tenderness of the knee joint, difficulty walking or having the full range of motion.

The severity of the injury dictates the next medical step of action. If the injury reaches a severe state, the person can consider stem cell knee replacement procedure which uses their own healthy stem cells.


There are a few indicators of an ACL injury.

You may feel a pop or hear a loud popping sound

A tell-tale sign that you have an ACL tear is when you hear or feel a pop in your knee joint. This sensation is usually followed by sharp pain and an inability to stretch out your leg.

Knee Buckling

Knee buckling is when the damaged knee gives out under you, this is often met with pain and can sometimes lead to serious injury depending on where and when your knee buckles.

The range of motion hindered

When you have an ACL tear it’s really hard to walk and move around without limping or not being able to put any weight on it at all.


If you have an ACL tear you should notice severe swelling around your knee within the next 24 hours.

Tenderness in your joint line

Your knee joint might feel stiff, might look red, swollen or deformed. Taking a joint line tenderness test can help you figure out if you really have damaged any ligaments or your meniscus.


The severity of your ACL injury decides whether there is a requirement for a treatment or rehabilitation exercises to help regain strength and stability. The doctors may also suggest surgery to replace the torn ligament followed by rehabilitation. A customary training program may further reduce the risk of ACL injury.

Stem Cell Treatment in India is gaining popularity and can be an alternative treatment for a person who is afraid of surgery and its after-effects. People who undergo an ACL injury are usually at a higher risk of acquiring knee osteoarthritis.

In this condition, the joint cartilage deteriorates, and its stable surface roughness. Having surgery to reconstruct the ligament may lead to Arthritis in some instances. Traditional choices for patients suffering from ACL tears and osteoarthritis are a total knee joint replacement or arthroscopic knee surgery to repair ligament tears.

Both these treatments call for months of rehab. The sufferer must be informed and prepared to take risks. The Regenexx Same-Day Stem Cell procedure at RegenOrthoSport may aid the alleviation of knee pain and the conditions that cause it just with a simple injection procedure as an alternative.

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