What to look for while buying a laptop

Making a decision about buying a laptop is easy but buying is not the only decision you would have make because a long list of tiny details with a lot of alternative make you feel like a maze.

From brand to tiny ports and from screen resolution to keyboard back-lighting there a lot to consider while buying a laptop. The one with the best combination of techs and detail would be yours’s if you made a right call. Made a list what actually you want, cross reference the alternative product to match your specs and then place the order.

From playing games to workstation, all kind of laptop have their own specification and details that match the exact objective. You want a laptop for playing, you would have to go for any best laptop for gaming but if you want a workstation then have to look for high performance that can run a lot of work application at the same time.

Starting from the basics to its core, and with different sizes and price, the article would guide you how to choose a laptop.


Any decision can be change with the introduction of a brand name. In today market situation and customers psychology, brand name plays major role. Pick a brand that you like and, if you don’t have any preference over brand then it’s a good thing to have the best among the alternative.

Major brands that’s are available are Acer, Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, MacBook, and Lenovo. Pick the brand with which you have an affiliation and then make a list of others spec that you want in that brand.

Operating System

Is not easy to change the taste of operating system specifically for casual user. Professional can change operating system and adopt it easily. Operating system is important for your objectives whether you want to play games, want to do office work or you plan to became a content designer or a programmer.

Each operating system has its own use, depend upon your preference. If you want to play games go for Windows and if you want to do office work try Mac. Programmers and Content designers can choose Linux or Chrome operating system as their core.


Size should match the objective of buying for better performance. You like to play, go for the wider size screen laptop to have the whole playground view in front of you but if like want to complete the project in a rush hour while sitting in a tram for your office then go for shorter size screen with high performance.

For Playing games the recommended screen size should range in between 17 to 18 inches but lager display increment in weight. If you want to place the laptop on your lap for playing games then go for 15-inch display.

For workstation and project completion the recommended size is 12 to 14 Inch display as higher display will affect the portability around the office.

Content writer, programmers and designer need effective display with higher performance standard and the recommend size should be 14 to 16-inches display.

Track Pad Vs Touch Pad

Varying brands have different features that supports the mouse pad in the laptop. Track pad is in MacBook while other supports touch pad. The sophistication and nice tracking should prefer by user.

Track pad have different features that enable the MacBook to perform various shortcuts with finger gestures. You can even open launch pad, minimize apps and check notification with scrolling down with track pad.

Similarly, in other brands except MacBook support Touch pad that have minimum option than track pad but still its effective in scrolling, desktop view and checking the notification.

Designers and content writer should focus on tracking and touch pad ability while the rest can easily enjoy both of them.


NoteBook, Laptop and MacBook each one has their own keyboard feature with variety of key layout. Every NoteBook including MacBook have 78 keys while other have 87 keys. Depending upon the nature of the use, the keyboard layout should be selected.

Workstation and gamers need a lot of keys while completing the project or going on a virtual battle. Designers and programmers don’t need a lot of keys.

It’s not the keys that make the difference but a lot of associated feature like backlighting, embedded keys, gaps between the keys and sizes of the keys plays major role in defining the keyboard. Go for the best keyboard layout laptop that suits your cause.


Portability is not the only thing that make the laptop cool but you can use it for hours without the direct connection to electrical source. The battery makes them even more appealing.

Depending upon your use, the battery will serve you. If you liked to play games it will not hang with for long time and gamers should know that. While workstation and programmer tend to have a longer battery life so go for the laptop that have longer life cycle.


From outside, all the keynotes are being discussed but what should be the inner structure and specs of the laptop matters the most. Some laptop has better window dressing and design that attracts the user but what’s inside that the actual representation of a laptop. From outer it may be not so satisfactory but internal hardware should support the external design.

A lot to discuss in Spec but the majors are CPU, RAM, storage, graphic resolution, and Graphical processing unit.

CPU a processing unit that enables the user to have the latest technology and give the desired processor. From Core-i3 to Core-i9 with different generation up to 8th is the latest version. Check out which suits your objective performance but the recommend for gaming is i7 and for workstation, programming and content creation is i6.

RAM a virtual performance indicator that fastens the processing unit. Recommend RAM for every objective is 8 GB but the higher you the better would it be.

Storage are of 2 types both SSD and HDD keeps your data but SSD is faster and costly. For working use the SSD should be there to enhanced the speed instead of storage space.

GPU unit enable the graphical resolution for the laptop. Gamers and Content designer should have higher GPU for better details and can support the screen resolution as well. GTX 1050 should be the recommended GPU that supports both gaming console and content creator at high scale but the higher the GPU the costlier would be the Laptop.

Budget Decision of buying a laptop is easy but to complete your cause, make it under your budget. You can buy even a costly laptop but it won’t be able to come handy with your objective. Try to buy a laptop that match with your specification and can be handled under the pocket line.

Make a list of the above spec that needed and plan accordingly. Find the best product that can match you with your desire.

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